Chapter 4: Lady Jasmine Revealed

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Spike sewed clothing for both boys and girls, but he felt funny modeling the clothing for girl cats. He let everyone know that he needed a girl cat to model his clothing. One day a girl cat came to see him. She said her name was Jasmine, and she was willing to model his clothing.

Jasmine seemed quite ordinary at first, but then one day she arrived at the breakfast table wearing a crown. She was very embarrassed when she realized her absent-minded mistake, and she fled to remove it, but everyone had already seen so she admitted the truth.

Lady Jasmine's ancestral castle was in a land far to the north.

Her secret revealed, she assumed her proper role as a noble and superheroine. With her sidekick, Squawk, she kept marauding snowmen from ruining the crops.

Lady Jasmine had been travelling disguised as a commoner because she wanted to find someone who loved her for just herself. Even though they all found out about her before she meant them to, she had found her heart's desire in that rascal tailor who sometimes pretended to have once been a swashbuckler.

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